Terms and Conditions

Dietary Coach provides dietary/nutrition and lifestyle consultations, which are educational in nature for healthy people. The coaching offered is strictly of non-medical nature and is provided solely for instructional purposes. Suggestions made for diet and/or lifestyle are intended to support general wellbeing of an individual, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Nothing expressed, written, or implied should be considered as medical advice for dealing with any medical condition. The information received cannot replace the advice or treatment of a qualified health care practitioner.

Difference Between Dietary Coach, Nutrition Coach, Nutritionist and Dietitian

Dietary Coach and Nutrition Coach - advises clients in formulating healthy eating programs for weight loss and to improve general health and wellbeing. He or she promotes healthy eating habits through education.

Nutritionist - works in the areas of food preparation, alternative medicine therapy and public nutrition management programs.

Dietitian - provides medical nutrition therapy in clinics and hospitals. Helps prevent and treat illnesses through diet modifications and may specialize in managing specific diseases.